The Umbra Float Reel 

Classic lines with a modern style

A new reel for 2017, the Umbra is similar to the Rainmaker except that it has a shallow line drum that is only 1/4" deep (6mm) to reduce or eliminate the need for backing. The Umbra is available with a clicker type spool brake or with an adjustable drag system in either a 4.6" or a 5" size. The base model has a fully rounded spool rim like all our reels but a bronze rim option is available to add a touch of class. The bronze rim is also more durable. All versions of this reel come with ABEC 7 stainless steel shielded bearings, a neoprene pouch, nested handles and stainless steel hardware. The standard models are left hand wind but can be ordered as right hand wind. 

Umbra sm2.jpg


Rim Lever actuated drag or clicker engagement

ABEC 7 stainless steel ball bearings

Fully rounded palming rim

Flush spool cap 


Reel Diameter: 4.6" or 5"

Umbra sm1.jpg

Spool Width:        .68" 

Spool Depth:        .25"  

Weight:  4.6" : 11.8 oz  (335gm),  5" : 13.3 oz (379 gm)

NOTE: The reel in the picture has an optional bronze rim and custom acrylic handles which are an extra cost.

Colours: Dark maroon brown, black, dark pewter, forest green, royal blue, gold. Dust plates (standard on drag reel models) can be the same colour as the reel or a contrasting gold as shown above. Other colours available, please inquire. 

Neoprene Bag included

The standard handles are black, other custom colours are available.

The reel can also be supplied with an adjustable drag knob instead of the set-and-forget flat spool cap for $60 extra if ordered with the reel or $100 as a retro fit.

Prices: 4.6": $800 clicker, $1120 drag           

            5":  $850 clicker, $1170 drag