How to Place an Order

We invite inquiries by various methods of online communication, messages etc. shown on our Contact page, but when you are ready to place an order we ask that you send us an email to and tell us the following:

Centerpin Reels:

 1: Reel model

 2: Reel size; which is either 4.6" or 5" 

3: whether its a clicker or drag model

4: whether its left hand wind LHW or right hand wind RHW

5: where you are located, your address and if in the USA your phone number (we won't call you but we need it for international shipping paperwork). If you are not willing to send us your address, a postal code or zip code will do initially.

6: colour of reel and if the reel has a drag then tell us the colour for the dust plate which will be the same colour as the reel if you don't specify or it can be gold (which compliments the bronze rim on the Rainmakers). We can do two-toned reels for $40 extra. Clicker reels can be ordered with dust plates, please inquire.

7: There are several options available depending on the reel model. Examples are drag knobs, dust plates, bronze or nickel silver trim, handle colours. Please tell us if any of these are of interest to you for your reel. 

Spey Reels:

In the case of Spey reel orders the best way is to send us an email so we can discuss all the necessary details.

Several Notes:

We hardly ever have reels in stock and if we do its because we built somebody a reel and they either cancelled or couldn't pay for it. In-stock reels will be posted on our Canada Fishing Reels facebook page for immediate sale. If we build a reel for you we will notify you when its ready and we require you to pay the balance at that time. We will not hold a reel in stock for you indefinitely. 

We accept orders year round and do our production during spring, summer, and fall. When you place an order we will add your order to our production schedule, tell you when we will make it, and request a deposit.

We don't take credit cards. Payment can be either by bank transfer (interac in Canada works very well) or Paypal if necessary.


Thankyou for your business, we look forward to making a reel for you,


Wayne and Debbie