Announcing  the 2020 Rainmaker Custom 25th Anniversary Centerpin Reel

I made my first centerpin reels in 1995, most of them were sold in BC but also some here in Ontario. Next year,  2020, will mark 25 years of making centerpins and so I have decided to release a special anniversary edition of our flagship reel, the Rainmaker Custom.  It will be a special version and a limited numbered series of 50 reels.

It is a 5” reel as shown in the pictures and will be available either in champagne or black and it will come with a hand tooled lined leather case and a neoprene pouch. 

20190617_110853 sm.jpg
20190623_072439 SMALL.jpg


The price is $1400 Canadian Dollars.

If you want to order one please send us an email to canadafishingreels@gmail.  with your name, address and phone number.  We will reply with instructions to request a deposit of $300 to secure your order. Your order will be entered when your deposit is received.  If you have purchased reels from us before you already know the payment details.  We don’t accept checks.  One reel per customer.

There are a few people on the 2020 list who have already ordered  a Rainmaker Custom and they will be able to revise their order to the anniversary model if they choose but the deposit will be required to secure the change.  

Of course many will want number 001 which is not possible.  What I have decided to do is Deb and I will do a draw, raffle style, to determine who gets each number.  To make it interesting we will draw for #50 first and work our way down to #1. That way everyone gets a number by chance.  We will do it either when all are sold or February 2020, whichever comes first.