The Credit Float Reel


Our classic entry level reel

There aren't many pictures of this reel from the '90's in our records but here's a photo of the back of one.If you have one of these please send us a picture! It had a formed stainless steel saddle bolted to the back which could be mounted in a high or low position and this could be done easily as the spool was removeable like a fly reel with a small lever on the spool face. A small screw in the center of the spool cap adjusted the play....typical for reels of the day. Many of them were made with bushings but even so.... they could spin quite well! Later versions were made with ball bearings for better spinning for slower waters. We still have parts for these reels and if you have one and it needs parts or work done please let us know if we can help. We know they're out there!

We are no longer offering this reel for sale but still support it with spare parts and service. Please let us know if there's anything you need and we will be happy to take care of it.


Spool Diameter: 4.48"

Spool Width:        .56" 

Spool Depth:        .61" 

Weight:              9.5 oz (270gm)

Colour:  Matt Black