We strive to do our best but if something goes wrong with your reel please contact us at your earliest convenience. If you buy a reel from us we want to make sure you're happy with it. It would be nice if all reels could last a lifetime, some of them do, but if yours needs attention then we're here to help. 

We want to treat you as an individual, for your own special needs. Contact us so we can discuss the best way to service or repair your reel. If we determine that the work will be covered under warranty then we will return the reel to you at no charge, shipping by post included. If the work is not covered then we'll give you an estimate before we proceed. 



We will service any reel we sell, however if you have a reel of another manufacture and it needs work let us know. Depending on the shop workload we will do our best to fit the job in if we can. Cost will depend on the amount of work required.  Contact us with details and photos if possible.