The Rainmaker Float Reel

A Blend of Style and Class

The Rainmaker, the result of ongoing development from Canada Fishing Reels for those who want a drag reel with a traditional look and feel. It comes complete with a fully rounded bronze rim, bronze handle pins, acrylic matching handles, brass drag lever, ABEC 7 bearings, and a dust plate in back of the spool face. The drag system is a "set and forget" style with drag tension adjusting screws in the spool cap. The drag system has both a winding clicker and an audible (outgoing) drag clicker.

A bit of history on this reel is in order. My good friend Simon Wood has been a field tester during the development of the Canada Drifter drag reel. After many hours of fishing with the reel he declared it a winner. A while after that he told me that some day he wanted me to make him his "dream reel". He even had a name already picked out; Rainmaker. A while after that we set about discussing what it would be like.......and what it would be like is what you see below. We took the Canada Drifter drag system, made the reel a bit bigger in diameter for the "unique" factor, made the spool a bit narrower, totally redesigned the porting, and then added the bronze rim and accent pieces. The dark maroon brown was chosen to compliment the bronze pieces and the gold dust plate as a further accent. There is no doubt that Simon has an eye for what a great reel should look like. We hope you agree.

 Simon and his Rainmaker

Simon and his Rainmaker


Nested handles, acrylic, colour matched.     

Rim Lever actuated drag engagement

ABEC 7 stainless steel ball bearings

Fully rounded bronze palming rim 


Reel Diameter: 4.62" or 5"

Spool Width:        .68" 

Spool Depth:        .42" 

Weight:  4.6" : 11.8 oz  (335gm),  5" : 13.3 oz (379 gm)

Colours: Dark maroon brown, black, dark pewter, forest green, royal blue, gold. Dust plates can be the same colour as the reel or a contrasting gold as shown above. 

Neoprene Bag included

The standard handles for the dark brown reel are dark pearl bronze as shown, other handle colours are used for complimenting the other reel colours.

The reel can also be supplied with an adjustable drag knob instead of the set-and-forget flat spool cap at an added cost $60 extra if ordered with the reel or $100 as a retro fit.

 The Original Rainmaker

The Original Rainmaker

Note: This reel can also be ordered for persons who prefer right hand wind. The drag engagement lever location remains the same as the left wind reel but the pawls in the drag mechanism are reversed so that they engage correctly for right wind operation. The reel can be converted back to left wind in our shop if desired.

A Nickel Silver trim option is available, please inquire. 


4.62" Rainmaker: $1160.00, shipping extra

5" Rainmaker: $1210.00, shipping extra

Prices are in Canadian Dollars